KeepON Robot

Keepon robot soon available to the masses in toy form as the $40 My Keepon……

We’ve been having a torrid affair with the Keepon robot since 2007, his simple yellow shape and unflappable adherence to the beat capturing our hearts. But, sadly, this has been an unrequited love, as the little guy has only been available to research institutions (and, apparently, rock bands) at the tear-inducing price of $30,000. Now there’s a version we can finally bring home to mother, the $40 My Keepon. It’s being dubbed a “toy,” so we have our doubts that it can bust the same sort of moves its Pro predecessor puts down (embedded after the break), but we’re certainly going to be first in line to find out when they hit stores. No, we don’t know when that is just yet, but we’re told all will be revealed on February 14th. Yes, Valentine’s Day…


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