SOINN Robot Learns to Adapt

Japanese scientists have created an Artificial Intelligence robot that can react and adapt to new situations based on what it has learned in the past. The robot named Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network (SOINN) can perform a task such as putting water and ice in a cup and if it has too many objects in its hands to complete the task it figures out that it needs to put one of the objects it no longer needs down before it can pick up another object to continue.

So, if it doesn’t know how to do a task, it will either decide how to do it based on past experiences or it will say it doesn’t know how to perform the task. When it is taught the new task, it only has to learn the part it doesn’t yet know. Industrial robots are usually not so flexible to handle slight variances in its surroundings whereas SOINN may be able to adapt to a situation and continue.


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