Largest Robot Houses in World

Jakarta has created the World Robotic Explorer that has been in the claim as the home of the largest robot in the world today.

This technology takes the concept of recreation education (edutainment) in Thamrin Mall City, Central Jakarta Indonesia.

The arrival of World Robotic Explorer in Jakarta is a great achievement to inspire the nation to make robots work.

Not only it, the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI), too glanced and also claim it. Houses Robot World Robotic Explorer was inaugurated by the Minister of Research and Technology, Suharna Surapranata.

He hopes, the coming of World Robotic Explorer can be a place of innovation, especially for the younger generation. He said the key to successfully compete in the 21st century is innovation. “With the first house robot, it is hoped more and more reliable to create a new human resources in the field of technology, both in quantity and quality,” he said, Saturday (11/12).

Julia, owner of the house presents a robot, home robot has 8 rooms which consist of areas of creativity space, workshop space, lab space, the trial room, gallery, e-learning center, the robot shop room, and movie room. “But there is also a commercial area to support home robot vision,” he explained.

Inaugural, there were 36 pieces on display a large robot. With a total area of 2800 square meters, the place can accommodate as many as 255 visitors. “There are two sessions clock operation. The first session from at 08:30 to 12:30 and for the second session starting at 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. “, he said.




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