Mobile Robotics – Infrastructure Investigations

The ROVVER® 600 is the only steerable crawler that can inspect pipes from 6 to 60 inch diameter. At 12-inches long, it is more compact than similar inspection crawlers yet packs the power to move through restricted pipe, large offsets and protruding pipe taps. The system’s automatic motorized cable reel senses the crawler’s movement and automatically reels it in or out of pipes. The hand-held remote pendant easily steers the ROVVER® 600 around multiple elbows and solid obstructions and controls the crawler’s focus, lighting, speed and pan & tilt functions. The ROVVER® 600 is the most advanced inspection system for sewer, drain, water, electrical conduit and process lines.



– On screen accurate footage
– On screen inclinometer
– Pan-and-tilt  adjustable focus color camera for fully
directional and clear view at all times
– Configurable from 6 to 60 inch diameter pipe
– Fully steerable in forward & reverse.
– Fully submersible to 30 meters
– Transmitter/receiver for location with RIDGID SCOUT®
– 1300 foot range with 2 access points, 650 foot with 1 access
– Automatic motorized cable reel for easy insertion and removal
– Can be made portable for facilities work
– Floatation raft for large diameter charged pipelines


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