Rescue robot that can clear debris and lift heavy weights

Rescue robots are one application for which there has been much excitement during the last decade. These robots are designed to be small and versatile carrying a comprehensive sensor payload in order to detect victims under heavy debris in disaster areas. Everyone who has watched the news after a major earthquake or hurricane with many buildings destroyed can easily understand the need for such robots as rescuers are frantically searching for survivors under heavy debris.

Researchers from the Tokyo Institute of Technology have recently proposed a new type of rescue robot that is capable of not only detecting victims in need of help but also clearing and lifting heavy debris to reach them.

The prototype robot named Bari-bari-II has a unique design that allows it to navigate over and lift debris. Its front is designed to have a step structure which can grip on debris, lift it and move under it. Once under, the robot uses oil hydraulic power to lift up to 600Kgrs. Like traditional rescue robots, a sensor payload consisting of a camera and microphone help rescuers to find victims in the rumble. The robot weighs 25Kgrs and it measures 48x28x14cm in size. Rescuers can use more than one robots at the same time to lift even heavier debris.



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