ServoCenter™ Project Showcase


6-Jointed Robotic Arm at Letourneau University

This is a Letourneau University robotics class project. It has six joints and a gripper that actuate independently. It’s controlled using Yost Engineering’s ServoCenter Controller.


Alf-Robotics Brings Back Damien

You can now visit Alf Robotics to find Damien, by Andrea Giomaro.


Even R2-D2 Plugs In to ServoCenter

Paul Bussiere is working on his own droid. You can read the latest R2 news at Paul’s blog


Robotic MIDI-Controlled Cameras: Touring with DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist

Josh Cardenas, one of the architects for the show effects for DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, is using ServoCenter MIDI to control robotic cameras for real-time visuals. The equipment includes both robotic pan-and-tilt cameras and wrist-mounted units that allow the audience a uniquely intimate view of the turntablists at work. A short interview appears in Create Digital Motion.

Xmas Zombie

Andrea Giomaro used ServoCenter to create a robotic zombie head. You can see video of it here:

Delft University Micro-Air Vehicle (MAV)

Christophe De Wagter and Matthijs Amelink at the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands are doing work on autonomous navigation with MAVs and interaction with operators.

Interactive Cybernetics’ REX

The Interactive Cybernetics’ REX model uses 44 servos controlled exclusively by Yost Engineering’s ServoCenter 3.1 controller boards. “Unlike other servo controllers, the unique features of the Yost Engineering ServoCenter 3.1 controller allow us to produce lifelike facial expressions and realistic lip sync” says REX developer Walter Buist.

MonsterMoto’s Jackbot Competes in DARPA Grand Challenge

MonsterMoto Productions’ desert racing robot, JackBot , was selected by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as a semifinalist in the DARPA Grand Challenge 2005 autonomous ground vehicle competition. Team MonsterMoto was led by computer engineer Phillip Yeager, and was one of 40 teams selected from the original field of 195 entrants.

Atelier Rebele, German Puppet Workshop

Atelier Rebele , led by Robert Rebele, creates a range of exotic puppets and special effects in Germany, and uses ServoCenter in animated puppet performances.

North Stars Cycle Team

The North Stars Cycle Team at Michigan State University is made up of mechanical engineering design team members Laurie Emerson, Neal Koenig, Kelly Stahley, Jeff Staniszewski, and Tim Strand. They designed a special cycle for children with cerebral palsy at North Elementary.


Northwestern University’s Robotic Ribbon Fin

A team from the Departments of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering at Northwestern University (Michael Epstein, J Edward Colgate, Malcolm A MacIver) introduced a new robotic fish fin inspired by the ribbon-like fin of the South American black ghost knifefish. They generated PWM control signals using a ServoCenter board to address sixteen motors independently, and custom MATLAB software to send binary command data to ServoCenter using a serial interface to a Windows PC. View videosand more…



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