CHARLI, Freestyle Humanoid Robot For 2011 Robocup

Another humanoid robot has alive. This new robot is the upgraded version from the Robocup but we never talk about this robot before. And this new one is the perfection model. “CHARLI” (the robot’s name) is developed by a group of students. They use RoMeLa “the Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory” as the humanoid robot’s brain. If you see CHARLI’s performance in the video (below), it seems the team creates this robot with a free movement system. Because it can play football with man’s accuracy while they are in the field.

CHARLI could walk at 300 millimeters in a second and also has a stylist polished design exterior. The team has prepared CHARLI for the 2011 RoboCup next month to show off his power. If this project success, it’s possible in the future there will men play football against robots.


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